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I'm happy to answer your questions by Email.

There is no charge for consultations or for general questions about real estate or appraisal services.

I have been appraising real estate in New Hampshire for more than thirty years, and licensed by the State of New Hampshire as a Certified General Appraiser and have been since the inception of licensing in 1993. Over that time I have had the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in valuation of many different, and sometimes unusual properties.

Several years ago I made the decision to limit mortgage assignments for banks and mortgage companies. Mortgage work tends to be restricted to very standardized homes and can become repetitive and monotonous. This decision has allowed me to concentrate on more interesting and exciting assignments.


Assignments that I would be happy to discuss with you are:
  Single family homes, including the very large and very small
The unusual in style
Lake homes and cabins
Condominium units
Life estates
Antique homes.

Vacant land, from the very small to lots with several hundred acres
Lots with conservation or other easements
Lots with limited access such as a Right of Way, Class VI road or land locked.

Small multi-family income properties where the value includes a capitalization of rental income.
While I seldom appraise commercial or industrial properties, it does remain an option depending on the property.

I appraise for clients making financial planning decisions, wanting to sell, or considering a purchase.
I appraise for probate, divorce and for other court related assignments including court testimony, property tax appeals, and IRS cases.
I appraise properties that have been foreclosed, damaged, or that need extensive renovations.

Privacy and Security

  These are related issues. It is not enough that I pledge to keep your information private, I must also keep it secure. Neither of these issues is new but the public concern regarding them is higher than in the past.

Privacy means that only authorized persons will see, read or hear what I have in my files. That's the licensing law for appraisers and that is and always has been my policy.

Security begins with physical control against unauthorized access. I have a number of layers that are intended to preclude anyone who is not a trusted associate from entering the areas where files are stored. Sales people and similar visitors do not have unsupervised access.

The risk of hacker intrusions has been reduced by several steps. I intentionally withhold the specifics since disclosure could become a road map for an intruder.

Operating system and programs have been hardened. Internet connections are made secure with hardware and software traffic interceptors, and monitoring of authorized traffic for all known malware and with huristic scanning.

I have dual computers running similar programs for redundancy but with an air gap between them so that a problem with one doesn't affect the other. One has the primary task of downloading from the internet while the other has the more sensitive business and client files.

System backups are done regularly, and appraisal copies are made on paper and maintained for five years. Where an appraisal was made for tax purposes they are kept longer since the I.R.S. might challenge a return years after it was filed. Destruction of paper files is done in a manner that protects client confidentiality.

I perform my own computer maintenance, including hardware, so my computers do not sit in some repair shop where client data could be accessed without my knowledge.

Security is not a new issue with me, but something I have practiced for as long as I've been in business. For me to stay in business you, as the prospective client, need to have confidence in the privacy of your personal and financial information and I need to be on-line with my computers fully functional. To help in anticipating the next threat, I subscribe to several on line and print media journals devoted to this issue and receive email alerts when a particular situation warrants. All of this, hopefully, will continue to work as seamlessly with the process of appraising real estate as it has over the many years I've been in business.

I'm happy to answer your questions by Email.

Last Updated December 29th 2016